March 2017 Virtual Face to Face

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About the event

Face to Face with Michigan Alumni offers current U-M students at all levels the opportunity to interact one-on-one with a Michigan alum in a chosen field. This month's Face to Face will be virtual--meaning you'll meet with your chosen alum virtually, not in person.

Registration instructions: to register, please select an alum, above. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE ALUM. IF YOU REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE ALUM, PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL ONLY CONNECT YOU WITH ONE OF THEM. Within a week of registering, the Alumni Association will contact you directly, via email, with instructions on how to connect with your chosen alum. It is then your responsibility to reach out to your alum and determine a time and format to connect.
When & Where
Mar 1
1st - 31st March 2017